Bridging Our Communities

        Serenity's clients are faced with multiple challenges. Partnerships in the community are critical in providing needed services to the target populations. As a result, Serenity established a service provider's network group called "Bridging Our Community" to serve those in need.

In light of limited resources for our target populations, it is essential service providers, parents and educators have knowledge, skills and ability to provide needed care to the populations we serve. Care begins with effective communication, basic knowledge of the virus and its impact and prevention skills.

courtesy of the American Red Cross

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 The Cameron Foundation
Virginia Department of Health
Salvation Army
Kirkpatrick's Pharmacy
United Way
ALAMO Recovery Center
American Red Cross
Resource for Independent Living
Crater Community Hospice
Whispers of Love, Inc.
opewell Redevelopment and Housing
Riverside Regional Jail
District 19 Community Services Board

"Bridging Our Community"
P.O. Box 131, Petersburg, Virginia 23804 • 804.861.9977 •
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