Testimonies.....our clients say it best!

  • "I have been attending meetings at Serenity since March 2011.  This group provides important information relating to treatment and ways of  coping with HIV/AIDS.  When we meet, we share our experiences and problems with each other.  The counselors help us discuss pertinent subjects.  We often plan activities together, such as luncheons and day trips that help boost morale and self-confidence.  Serenity has even assisted me in finding affordable housing and located doctors to attend to my medical needs.  Serenity has done so much to help me.  I am very grateful to all the people involved."

  • Transportation, meals, education, support, caring, sharing, group meetings, incentives, trips and the love the staff and clients offers, allows you to let your guard down and relax in a comfortable environment that Serenity has to offer. 

  • I look forward to my Serenity team and with more to come.  Praise the Lord for Serenity, for keeping me on a righteous path because I wouldn't know where I would be, possibly in jails, institutions, or dead. The staff at Serenity protrays a very loving, caring, kind and respectable atmosphere.  I feel that Serenity is supportive and very generous with the faith and hope characteristics to show how everyone should believe in themselves and to not give up or quit because they are infected. 

  • Serenity involves itself with trying to help each one and to teach each one.  Serenity gets out in the community too, reaching the hearts of infected persons with quality, care, and love.  Also, Serenity displays a generosity of spirit to give time consideration and support".

  • "Serenity really stuck with me.  The staff visited me in the hospital.  They asked me to tell them about my situation and once I did tell them, they told me that there would always be a place for me at Serenity.  Upon release from the hospital I attended one of their group meetings for HIV men and women and ever since that first meeting I've been going to the meetings on a regular basis.  I felt so welcomed it was like a whole new life was ahead of me an I could see it."  

  • "I am a person infected with the virus that is full blown AIDS.  It was scary, painful and sad that I contracted the disease.  I was a man who was out there in the world doing a lot of things without protection nor practicing safe sex.  Of course I was also doing drugs.  I am grateful and blessed to be alive and living a little longer with the disease.  For many of us today, we have a lot of people in the community such as Serenity that love us (un)conditionally and support us in any thing we need.  If Serenity cannot help us, they contact others who know what might be helpful to us also.  Serenity has provided me and other clients with many sources of information.  

  • Being in the group at Serenity has helped me a lot with dealing with the disease and taking different approaches to handle what I'm  going through.  But I must thank God for loving me so much to help me to do things that are positive such as taking my medicine each and everyday.  Being that I can accept the disease I still strive towards my goal which is mainly to help other men and women who are going through the same changes.  This program has also helped me to be more responsible and open-minded about the disease.  By socializing with people who have HIV and AIDS, it gives me power to continue fighting through the struggles of this disease on a day to day basis.  Serenity also helps others who can not deal with the disease physically, mentally, and socially.  Serenity also has taught us that we must learn the correct procedures of doing things the right way such as eating properly, resting, exercising and sharing (talking) with people you can trust.  There are times when you don't like to hear the truth about how the disease destroys our body.  However, seeing others that had the disease before us and how long they have been infected with the disease encourages you to do what it takes to live until God calls us home.  Serenity helps us not feel alone, as if you are the only person with the disease of having HIV or AIDS.  It's a blessing to be around people who strive to not allow this illness to keep you down.  But you must talk to God about whatever it is because it is his will to help you deal with it.  You also must know you are the one that has to come to your decision on this matter." 

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