Serenity is governed by an active and involved Board of Directors.

Dr. Angel Allan -Board Chairperson

SFC Gerald Napper - Board Vice Chairperson

Rev. June Twyman - Treasurer

Captain Nina Copeland - Secretary

Dr. Willis Madden

Elder Joe Satterwhite

Harry Samuels

As the founder and current Director of Serenity, I have found a piece of my purpose and destiny in this life journey.  I find the tasks at Serenity challenging but rewarding.  Have I shed some tears?, Have I lost faith sometimes in the work I do?, Do I sometime question whether Serenity will continue to exist and whether I am fighting a losing battle.  The answer to all these questions is yes. But when I look at a dedicated Board of Directors which leads Serenity, when I look at the determination of the staff to meet the needs of clients and when I feel the joy of a client when they have overcome a milestone, I get up each morning and start all over again.  The power that lives within me, gives me strength, wisdom and encouragement to keep going on MY life Journey!

Rosa Johnson-Tuma, Executive Director

 After volunteering for awhile with Serenity, I became part of the Board of Directors. Through volunteering I was able to observe and learn the operations of a non-profit organization, the necessity and importance of the organization in the community, the personal success of the clients through the services provided, and most importantly the desire to serve others. I find this organization to be compassionate and committed to the people it serves. I am proud, so proud, to be a part of an agency which pours into the lives of people in the community.

Dr. Angel Allan, Chairperson-Board of Directors

P.O. Box 131, Petersburg, Virginia 23804 • 804.861-9977 • serenity9977@yahoo.com

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